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New Practice is home to the research of scientists, researchers and artists associated with the MA Design & Computation between UdK and TU Berlin.

Funded Research

Research Areas


Funded Research

Tangible Climate Futures

The research project funded by the climate Change Center Berlin-Brandenburg considers the usefulness of data and visualisations in mediating climate change: an open data interface and infrastructure is developed and tested in various mixed-media experiments and artworks that communicate climate change through data by making it tangible.

Climate Changer Center: Geförderte Projekte aus dem CCC-Call 2023

Dynamic Systems in Teaching and Learning Architectures

The project has been awarded funding by the Stifterverband and the Dieter-Schwarz-Stiftungas as part of their funding initiative "Raumlabore - Experimentierräume für zukunftsorientierte Lernarchitekturen".

Spatial Laboratory Blog


The project establishes a strategic partnership between public administration, university and civil society actors to preserve existing open spaces as climatically effective green infrastructures and to develop and expand them as blue-green infrastructures and sustainably used open spaces.

Research Areas

Post-disciplinary Practices

In light of challenges that go beyond the authority of individual disciplines, the research system is in need of new practices, infrastructures and spaces that foster inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration.

Virtualities & Worldbuilding

The practice of Worldbuilding in the virtual as a space of possibility allows the re-configuration and design of what is (not yet) there. As critical speculation, Worldbuilding goes beyond the critique and deconstruction of circumstances and proposes alternatives.

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Digital Labour

Digital Labour considers the exploitation of "digital workers" in a platformized system of global extraction. At the same time, propositions are increasingly made for new modes of living without work. The research area considers the impact of technological transformations on labour and society.
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