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New Practice


Dec 2023

Agnes Meyer-Brandis

New Practice in Art and Technology is a research platform fostering a new post-disciplinary practice in light of technological and societal transformations. It engages with emerging cultural practices from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective, bringing together positions from art, science, technology and theory. It emerges from the MA Design & Computation between the University of the Arts arrow_outward and the Technical University Berlin arrow_outward.

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With the new joint master's program Design & Computation, the two universities are responding to rapid social and technological change and an increasingly dynamic academic culture. Through this program, the UdK and TU Berlin are working collaboratively across disciplines to develop new teaching and research formats. Students, teachers and researchers have access to an extensive range of research and educational opportunities from both Universities to analyse, critically reflect and create within a cutting edge, interdisciplinary environment.

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• Live today at 19:15: Loops with Birgit Schneider and Klasse Klima

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