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Public Path

While passing through the spaces the users get information about location, time and distance from the home of an imaginary individual. By that we try to separate the subjective experience from the material character of public spaces. To further stress this aspect the point cloud density is calculated randomly each time the user enters a new space.

Tiny Creatures

Tiny Creatures is an ongoing project that explores the possibilities of using a video game environment as an alternative narrative tool. The project comprises a virtual world populated by various non-playable characters (NPCs) that interact with each other in a dynamic and autonomous manner.

Gengu: The immutable (prototype ver.001)

‘Gengu: The Immutable’ is an interactive installation exploring the liminal space between time’s linear progression and its impact on collective consciousness in the Anthropocene. It employs the information age as the intermedium, recognizing information as pivotal in our era.

A Psalm for the Body-Built

Bodies, especially those of marginalized identities, have been exposed to various modes of violence, oppression and control throughout human history. In order to resist this hostile infrastructure and rediscover the essence of our bodies as complex assemblages of virtualities and potentialities, we propose the practice of bodybuilding.

Human Intelligence Task // Neurons in the Machine

Neurons in the Machine // Human Intelligence Task (©MechanicalTurk) draws on parallels between the understanding of the digital in cybernetics and digital labor, and engages with the materiality of a system where the matter seemingly doesn't matter; where repetitive machine tasks are outsourced to humans.


In the tradition of optical instruments, algorithmic models are considered as instruments of knowledge magnification (Pasquinelli, 2019) reaching beyond the scale of human perception. The interactive instrument and its accompanying manual open up questions of scale, objectivity and the limits of algorithmic models.


In the near future, a technological revolution is once again underway as digital influencers infiltrate both your private and social spheres, even to the extent of appropriating your identity. This emerging virtual spectacle uncovers divergent narratives concerning consciousness, the body and affects.

Dialectics of Climate Futures

"Dialectics of Climate Futures" wants to clarify the interwoven relationships of the climate crisis and initiate a discourse. Through dialectics - the method of know- ledge creation by logical argumentation along opposing positions - we hope to break out our habitual thought patterns and constructively confront possibly (...)

Imaginary Futures Oracle

Prediction algorithms often use data from the past to predict the future. By using such predictions, we accept, that political change is statistically unlikely, thereby limiting our ability to imagine new futures. The installation shows an interactive oracle that tries to overcome this limitation and predicts imaginary futures.

Sacrifice, 2023

Mapping out connections between queer goth theory, recreational medical practices, vampire lore and religious narratives, “Sacrifice” reflects upon the substance of blood in its material and symbolic potential to give and simultaneously take life.

Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror

Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror explores themes of algorithmic and divinatory prediction, simulation, and magical conceptions of technology. Gesturing towards colonial, market-driven, and technocratic notions of prediction, it references the scrying mirror, a divination artifact originating in pre-columbian Mesoamerica.

Smile To Play

"Smile to Play" is an interactive video that invites players to engage through facial expressions. Guided by a virtual assistant named Xat, it delves into the industry of affective computing and the concept of happiness.


TAWA is a series of artistic works, three of which are presented in the process. The series explores the interplay between nature and technology according to a simple initial formula.

The Unary Substance Of The Deep Cyborg

An audiovisual essay and a water sculpture that articulate materialist perspective of gender’s genome in the planetary ecology.


Interface is a mixed-media installation that elaborates new models of Human-Machine interaction by introducing collective low-tech communication strategies in a technologically mediated environment. With the help of wearables users come into physical communication trigering specific events in the digital realm.


Hyperspace fosters a palpable link between individuals and their surroundings, forging a tangible connection. It invites visitors to actively partake in a reciprocal conversation with an interactive environment, where the amalgamation of multi-sensory encounters blurs the demarcation between the physical and the virtual realm.

Digital Trace

This archiving platform for the multitude of multimedial artisticand research output generated in the transdisciplinary Design & Computation study program provides an experimental space for the conception of digital knowledge platforms (...)

uneven topographies

uneven topographies is an allusion to Anna Tsing’s, Andrew Mathews’ and Nils Bubandt’s text ‘Patchy Anthropocene: Landscape Structure, Multispecies History, and the Retooling of Anthropology’* and its proposal for thinking structurally about more-than human relations (...)


LIFE AND DEATH OF HANS MAXIMILIAN is a modern interpretation of the famous Tamagotchi game (a handheld digital pet simulation toy, 1996). The project is based on Chomsky’s grammar hierarchy theory and Panini’s Sanskrit grammar documentation “Aṣṭādhyāyī”.

World Mod

World Mod is a data synthesizer that combines and visualizes global geodata. Visitors curate their own remix by combining and activating different thematic areas. The interface invites a variety of settings, filtering out new perspectives and data layers.

O cea n fli g ht

The performance questions how we present ourselves in the digital realm, exploring avatars and metaverses as essential aspects of our future society. This piece uses digital media to foster self-expression and community formation, departing from traditional forms of representation.

Boutique 2XXX

The interactive installation enables participants to design individual and critical visions of the future of luxury and subsequently create a space for reflection and discourse in the form of a mixed reality design process.

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

The audiovisual installation combines found social media footage, waste and prison material to explore the ice-cream model of Taiwanese waste management and the ethereal apparition of community amidst the access portal war.

Blue Ocean Strategem

The ocean as projection surface reflects back on us the question of how we can structure planetary governance beyond territory, without leaving it to the disruptive strategies of private multinational companies. Historically interwoven with the emergence of the free market and notions of risk and uncertainty and conceptually placed as a contested s


In capitalism, time is money, speed is power, and simultaneity seems to be the ultimate goal. Yet, this is only true because time was made a measurable resource.

Shifted Agency

Shifted Agency is an iteration of a research process on materiality and its correspondence with social discourses. Biopolymers are researched and selected as a material that emphasizes the potential of unseen matter and intentionally given free rein to enable it as an active player in the process.

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