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Zoning has been set up

Blue dotted lines and white corners can now be found now on the floor in the studio. The blue dots indicate four different zones that will give the space more organisation through differentiated functionality and levels of flexibility. The descriptions of the zones are guidelines on how to use them, not strict rules. Overall, however, the aim is to create a highly interactive space that you are free to use, but which is also clear and understandable. Here is a summary of the zones:

Zone 1, which makes up the majority of the reading room, is an open-ended, multi-functional space with the greatest flexibility. It is primarily intended for creative and collaborative exchange. This is where classes take place, and these need to be taken into account. But it is also the primary area for teamwork. You can arrange groups of tables as needed and use the room as you wish.

Zone 1.2 has the same conditions, except that this space is used more for fixed and long-term installations for more focused collaborative work. If you wish to use the zone or part of it, you will soon be able to book it using your own calendar. This will allow you to organize yourself and avoid disruptive use or double occupancy over time.

Zone 2 has BYOD workstations and workstations with high-performance PCs and is therefore primarily used for concentrated individual work. The furniture layout is less flexible. White markings on the floor indicate fixed positions. Tables and chairs can be moved at any time, but at the end of the day the furniture should be returned to its original position. (Exception: you need a tower PC in another location for several days).

Zone 3 is under construction. It should offer informal qualities of exchange, regeneration and movement. There you will already find the raised, larger tables that are suitable for working/discussing while standing or having a coffee break together.

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