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Jorge Orozco

Guest Professor

Jorge Orozco (*1983 MEX) is an architect, academic and software developer based in Zurich. He is Senior Lecturer and Researcher at ETH Zurich’s Chair for Digital Architectonics and Lecturer at Institut für Gestaltung Studio2, University of Innsbruck. Jorge holds a Doctor of Science degree and a Master of Advanced Studies degree by ETH Zurich, a Master’s Degree in Advanced Architecture by IAAC-UPC Barcelona, and an Architect Diploma by UMSNH Mexico. Before his current commitments, Jorge was a guest researcher at Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore, lecturer at TU Vienna’s ATTP group, and lead of summer workshops at UdK Berlin, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and Aalto University.

Jorge Orozco’s spectral work on digital architecture seems to revolve around a long-lasting question: how to articulate something that is not there by looking at everything that is there? It thrives with online observations –derived from millions of images, movies and texts– and takes architectonic positions within them.

Dr. Jorge Orozco was guest professor for fall/winter Semester 2022 in the Design & Computation Studio.

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